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Here you will find High quality Original Crochet Patterns.


We develop and design all our crochet patterns right here just for you.

These crochet patterns are ones you will not find anywhere else.  They are uniquely designed each with their own original personality.

This is the place where we show you how to crochet with style!

Learn how to turn yarn into a true piece of art



We have some Great things going on over here that you don't want to miss out on!

We have listed 5 top reasons why you will want to join our ever growing crochet pattern membership.

  1. One Low Price for all crochet patterns

    Instead of paying for each individual crochet pattern, you will have access to all of our patterns.

  2. Ever Growing Crochet Pattern Collection

    Every week we will add at least one new pattern to the club area. So that means every month there will be at least 4 new crochet patterns (if not more) to our every growing pattern collection. All for our club members to enjoy!

  3. Help Section Just For Club Members

    We have an ever growing help section just for our club members. We want you to succeed, whether you are making a crochet product as a gift, or for sell. We have a section just for you to help you in selling your products. How to be successful in the craft business. Tips on where to go to sell your products. Tips in the hobby craft area.

    We will also have an ever growing area of how to videos, to help you learn to sculpt with yarn.
    You will learn tips, tricks and techniques. You will also learn how to make your first crochet product – watch me as I take you step-by-step through crocheting different items, so you can see first hand how to do it (videos will be added as we get them completed).

  4. Sell What You Make With Our Patterns

    We want you to have fun and be profitable with our unique crochet patterns.  You will be able to sell what you make from our crochet patterns, whether you want to sell online or offline.

    This is just another Great feature to becoming a club member.

  5. Discounts on Yarn, Supplies and Other Products We Sell

    Becoming a member has its perks. Not only do you get a great collection in our ever growing pattern club membership, but you will also get a special discount on any yarn, supplies and any other items we offer for sale in our store.

    Our club members will get great discounts on our already low prices.

    What are you waiting for? Become a club member today and enjoy all the great benefits!